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Truck Crash Specialists Welcomes You

Specializing in Digital Data
Extraction and Analysis


About Us

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We have been reconstructing truck crashes for almost twenty years.


We believe in gathering all sources of data from heavy trucks to provide the most in-depth and informed information possible. 


We provide free consultation, so if you have a crash that you want us to look at, or you have a fresh crash that you need guidance/assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  Click the links below to request a consultation.

Education/training is a large portion of what we do.  We offer basic and advanced lessons on investigation and imaging protocols.


Check the link below for the most up-to-date courses that are being offered and their locations.



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My name is Steve Anderson

  • Although I reconstruct a wide range of vehicle types of collisions, my passion is with heavy trucks with an emphasis on digital data and the interpretation of that data. 

  • I recently retired from twenty-three years of Law Enforcement, spending over 80% of my career reconstructing collisions. 

  • This has led me to start my own business, Truck Crash Specialists LLC.

  • I look forward to consulting for you on your case.

  • Click on the link below for a copy of my full curriculum vitae.


Contact Us



106 Hardwood Drive

Adair, Oklahoma




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Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


What Truck ECM's are supported?

The biggest questions that are asked:

  • Is my truck supported?

  • What data can I get from my truck?

  • What software do I need to use to retrieve this data?

This document will assist the reader in answering these questions.  ​

New technology, revisions to current software, and future updates may push some of the contents of this document into an obsolete category.  Every attempt has been made to keep it updated and ensure its accuracy. 

It is to be used as a guide. 

Heavy Truck/Bus Crash Testing

Do you have an upcoming crash conference, seminar, trucking event, training venue, or just want to add a different dynamic to your companies' profile?  Why not put on a crash test?  

We can orchestrate a crash sequence that suits your theme or conference focus.  Our team has completed more than 122 live instrumented crash tests ranging in classification from vehicle, bus, motorcycle, cyclist, pedestrian, roadside safety systems, commercial vehicles and vessels.  

Contact us today to inquire!

Head on.jpg

Semi-truck x 2 head on

Bus test 5.jpg

Bus vs Flat Deck Trailer Test


Bus vs Three vehicles


Research Projects

Correlation of Bendix BDR Data

Bendix ECU's can store an enormous amount of data that can be translated into a BDR report.  This paper describes the accuracies of several translated files compared to Cummins ECM data.

Acceleration Testing of a Class 5 CMV

This paper describes the acceleration testing of a Class 5 Isuzu commercial vehicle with hydraulic brakes and compares it against a passenger vehicle.

Bus Sliding Friction Values

A city bus was slid on its side across three different surfaces.  This paper describes the process used to complete this testing and useable values for future cases.

Eaton Transmission Module
Request for Imaging

Do you have an Eaton Transmission Module that you need imaged?  Click the link below to download the request for services document, and we would be happy to assist.

Supporting Links & Documents

Request And Release Of Bendix Data - Revision Feb-2023 - 000

Detroit Assurance Assistance D2M


Detroit Assurance Assistance - In cab

IMG_950 - dash 1
IMG_9395 - transmission ecu close up
IMG_9461 - lane keeping button - overhead of driver
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