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Explore accurate score betting for fellow bettors

Football betting is an incredibly popular form of gambling that has been favored by many betting enthusiasts for a long time. The current growth in the betting industry has brought football betting even closer to enthusiasts, making it a dynamic choice for many bettors. To gain a better understanding of football betting, today we will delve into a specific type of bet known as exact score betting. Let's explore together!

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What is exact score betting?

Currently, we are living in an extremely modern era with rapid advancements in technology and robust technical development. As a result, many aspects of life are flourishing due to such a strong foundation. Consequently, there is a growing demand among bettors, and many are looking for a betting platform that can fully meet their needs.

Seizing this opportunity, numerous new bookmakers have emerged, while well-established ones are also enhancing their quality. The majority of bookmakers and gaming platforms integrate modern techniques and technologies into their products to improve their quality and provide players with a better overall experience. Particularly, sports betting sites are always the perfect choice for avid bettors.

Concept of exact score betting

The current form of sports betting has evolved into online sports betting through bookmakers, making it much more convenient for bettors to participate. This form is continually advancing, incorporating new techniques and technologies to optimize quality. Nowadays, online sports betting offers a wide variety of bet types, including handicap betting, exact score betting, over/under betting, enticing a diverse range of options.

Among these betting types, many bettors prefer to engage in exact score betting. Let's explore more about exact score betting!

This type of bet has been popular in the field of sports betting for a long time, and the number of participants in exact score betting has significantly increased over the years, especially with reputable bookmakers. So, do you understand what exact score betting is?

As the name suggests, in exact score betting, participants need to predict the final score of a match accurately. The odds for that match will continuously change based on the likelihood of the participant's predicted outcome.

Pros and cons of exact score betting

The advantage of this type of bet is that you can wager on any desired score, and at the same time, you can bet on multiple different scores to enhance your chances of winning. The gameplay for this type of bet is extremely straightforward, requiring minimal time to understand. A notable advantage of exact score betting is the potentially high monetary reward upon winning.

However, alongside these advantages, this type of bet also has certain drawbacks. The probability of winning or hitting the correct score in this bet is not high due to the unpredictable and intense nature of matches. Without experience or knowledge in this field, it can be challenging to accurately predict the match's final score. Furthermore, when participating in this bet, you can only either home win tips or lose, with no possibility of a draw.

Common types of exact score betting

Full-time score

As the name suggests, this type of exact score bet applies to the entire duration of the match, meaning it encompasses the 90 minutes of regular play as well as any additional stoppage time. After the match concludes, the score at that moment becomes the final result for bettors to determine the accuracy of their home win prediction and whether they won or lost this bet.

Exact score in the first and second half

Similar to full-time score betting, exact score betting in the first and second half is straightforward. This bet is applied to a single half, either the first or second, considering the entire duration from the start of the half until its completion, including any added stoppage time. To illustrate with an example: if the first half ends with a score of 1-2, and the overall match concludes with a score of 1-3, it means the first-half score was 1-2, and the second-half score was 0-1.

Self-selected exact score

Self-selected exact score betting is a less common type of bet compared to the two mentioned above, but it still holds considerable appeal. With this type of bet, bettors can wager on either the entire match or any specific half, choosing from various scores according to their preferences.

There are several different types of exact score bets, each contributing to the significant appeal of this betting category. Therefore, when participating in exact score betting, it's crucial for bettors to carefully consider and select the most suitable type for themselves.

How much can you win with exact score betting?

To determine the potential win tips bet when participating in this type of exact score bet, you need to know the formula for calculating the winning amount. The formula is as follows:

Winnings = Amount wagered x Bookmaker's payout odds

Current bookmakers offering exact score bets apply various payout odds corresponding to each possible score that bettors can choose. Therefore, each score will have a specific payout rate set by the bookmaker. Bettors use this information to consider and select the score for their wager.

For example, in a match, the bookmaker provides different payout odds for bettors. Specifically, for a score of 1-3, the payout odds are 20. If you wager 20,000 VND on this score and your prediction is correct, your winnings would be:

According to the odds table, the full-time score of 2-1 has a payout rate of 10. If you place a 20,000 VND bet on this particular score, your winning payout would be: 20,000 VND x 10 = 200,000 VND.

So, we have now learned how to calculate winnings in football exact score betting. With this knowledge, you can determine your potential earnings when participating in this type of bet.


So, together we have explored football betting and the specific type of exact score betting within football betting. Hopefully, with the valuable information provided, you can accumulate more betting experience and knowledge for yourself. Good luck!


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