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The Story of Piggy: How a Roblox Game Became a Viral Sensation

Piggy Game: A Survival Horror Game on Roblox

If you are looking for a thrilling and challenging game on Roblox, you might want to check out Piggy Game. Piggy Game is a survival horror game created by MiniToon, IK3As, and Optikk. It is inspired by the popular Peppa Pig series and other horror games like Granny. In this game, you have to escape from Piggy, a terrifying creature that is hunting you down. You also have to uncover the mysteries surrounding Piggy and its origins. Are you ready to face your fears?

How to Play Piggy Game

Choosing a Map and a Mode

After the intermission is over, players are given the choice to vote on 12 different maps. Each map has its own theme, layout, puzzles, and secrets. Some maps are based on locations from Peppa Pig, while others are original creations by MiniToon or fan-made submissions. Once the most voted map wins, players can vote for one of the modes available. Only 6 out of the 7 modes will be shown, as they are randomly selected. The modes are:

piggy game


  • Player - One player is chosen to be Piggy, while the rest are Survivors. The Survivors have to escape before Piggy catches them.

  • Bot - Similar to Player mode, but Piggy is controlled by an AI instead of a player.

  • Player + Bot - There are two Piggies in this mode, one controlled by a player and one by an AI.

  • Infection - One player starts as Piggy, but every time they catch a Survivor, they turn into another Piggy. The Survivors have to escape before they are all infected.

  • Traitor - Similar to Player mode, but one of the Survivors is secretly a Traitor. The Traitor can use traps and a knife to sabotage and kill the other Survivors.

  • Build Mode - This mode allows players to create their own maps and modes using the Piggy Build Mode feature.

  • Carnival - This is a special mode that is only available on the Carnival map. It is similar to Player mode, but Piggy has a partner, Clowny, who can also chase and kill the Survivors.

Escaping Piggy and Solving Puzzles

Once the game starts, the Survivors have to find a way to escape from the map. They have to collect various items and use them to unlock doors, safes, or other objects. They also have to solve puzzles, such as codes, switches, or patterns. Some items are essential for escaping, while others are optional or have different effects depending on the map or mode. For example, some items can be used to stun Piggy or other enemies, such as a carrot, a gun, or a fire extinguisher. Some items can also be used to access secret areas or Easter eggs, such as a picture frame, a purple key, or a Mr. P plush.

However, escaping is not easy, as Piggy and other enemies are constantly roaming around the map, looking for the Survivors. If they spot a Survivor, they will chase them and try to kill them. If a Survivor is killed, they will either respawn after 20 seconds (in Infection mode) or spectate the game (in other modes). The Survivors have to avoid being seen or heard by Piggy and other enemies, as they can detect sounds and movements. They also have to watch out for traps that Piggy or the Traitor can place on the ground, such as bear traps, dynamite, or lasers. The Survivors have a limited amount of time to escape, usually 10 minutes. If they fail to escape within the time limit, they will lose the game.

Using Items and Traps

As mentioned before, items and traps are important elements in Piggy Game. They can help the Survivors escape or hinder their progress. Here is a table that shows some of the common items and traps in Piggy Game and their functions:

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Opens a door with the same color as the key.


Breaks wooden planks that block doors or windows.


Fixes broken machines or switches.


Opens metal doors or safes.


Unlocks safes or doors with a keypad.


Ammunition for the gun.


Shoots bullets that can stun Piggy or other enemies for 20 seconds.


Lures Pony (a friendly NPC) who can stun Piggy or other enemies for 20 seconds.

Fire Extinguisher

Sprays foam that can stun Piggy or other enemies for 20 seconds.


Lures Zizzy (a friendly NPC) who can stun Piggy or other enemies for 20 seconds.

Bear Trap

Traps Piggy or other enemies for 20 seconds. Can be placed by Piggy, the Traitor, or the Survivors.


Explodes after a few seconds, killing anyone nearby. Can be placed by the Traitor or the Survivors.

Alarm Clock

Makes a loud noise that attracts Piggy or other enemies. Can be placed by the Traitor or the Survivors.


Shoots a beam that kills anyone who touches it. Can be placed by the Traitor or the Survivors.

There are many more items and traps in Piggy Game, and some of them are unique to certain maps or modes. For example, on the Forest map, there is a crossbow that can shoot arrows that can stun Piggy or other enemies. On the Distorted Memory map, there is a potion that can make the player invisible for a short time. On the Outpost map, there is a tank that can shoot missiles that can kill Piggy or other enemies. On the Carnival map, there is a roller coaster that can run over anyone on its tracks. The items and traps add more fun and challenge to the game, as they can be used in different ways and situations.

Why is Piggy Game So Popular?

The Mystery and Lore of Piggy

One of the reasons why Piggy Game is so popular is because of its intriguing story and lore. Piggy Game has 12 chapters, each with its own cutscenes and dialogues that reveal more about the characters and the events that led to the outbreak of Piggy. The story follows George Pig, who wakes up in a hospital after being infected by a mysterious virus that turns people into pig-like monsters. He meets other survivors, such as Bunny, Zizzy, Pony, and Mimi, who help him escape from Piggy and find his family. Along the way, they encounter different enemies, such as Mr. P, who is behind the virus; Willow Wolf, who leads a group of bandits; and Rash, who is a traitor among the survivors. The story also has many twists and turns, such as George's sister being revealed as Peppa Pig, who is also infected; Mr. P being George's grandfather; and George having a vision of an alternate reality where he is Piggy. The story also has multiple endings, depending on the choices made by the players. The story of Piggy Game is captivating and immersive, as it makes the players curious about what will happen next and what secrets will be uncovered.

The Variety and Creativity of Maps and Modes

Another reason why Piggy Game is so popular is because of its variety and creativity of maps and modes. As mentioned before, Piggy Game has 12 different maps to choose from, each with its own theme, layout, puzzles, and secrets. Some of the maps are based on locations from Peppa Pig, such as the House, the School, or the Gallery. Others are original creations by MiniToon or fan-made submissions, such as the Forest, the Metro, or the Plant. The maps are diverse and detailed, as they have different features and elements that make them unique and interesting. For example, on the House map, there is a basement where players can find Granny; on the School map, there is a cafeteria where players can find food items; on the Gallery map, there is a painting that can transport players to another dimension. The maps also have different difficulties and challenges, depending on their size, complexity, and number of enemies. The maps of Piggy Game are fun and exciting, as they offer different experiences and surprises for the players.

Piggy Game also has 7 different modes to choose from, each with its own rules and objectives. Some of the modes are based on other horror games like Granny or Among Us. Others are original creations by MiniToon or fan-made submissions. The modes are varied and creative , as they add more challenge and strategy to the game. For example, in Player mode, players have to be careful not to reveal their identity as Piggy or the Traitor; in Bot mode, players have to outsmart the AI that controls Piggy; in Infection mode, players have to avoid being infected by Piggy; in Build mode,


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